Why us?

We aim at satisfying the requirements posed by our clients through guaranteeing the highest quality of our service as well as punctuality. We value rust, therefore we are making every effort to be a reliable and competent business partner.

Is our offer for you?

Our offer is directed at services, manufacturers and distributors of electronic devices of all kind. We offer service in the field of after-sales service in the form of warranty and out-of-warranty servicing. We specialize in the repair of: screens, laptops, main boards, graphics card, personal computers, chargers, emergency UPS chargers and industrial electronics.

Service Laboratory

Our company is equipped with a professional service laboratory. The innovative equipment and programming allows us to maintain the highest quality our services. We have at our disposal a specialized Summit 750 repair device, which enables us, amongst other things, to replace BGA, PBGA and CSP chips as well as surface and through-hole elements. The laboratory is situated in an EPA area; devices submitted for repair are safe from ESD discharge. Czytaj dalej