BGA Rework

We offer solutions for all your BGA rework and repair requirements. Our state of the art BGA rework systems and a team of highly quali??ed engineers with in-depth knowledge and experience at the elaborate process of BGA rework will anwser all your needs. Our extensive range of services include BGA component removal, replacement and salvage, as well as repair of lifted or missing BGA pads, and repair of solder mask at the BGA sites.

Reballing BGA

Techbit’s BGA reballing service is your choice for quick, cost effective, high-quality BGA reballing. Our laboratory equipment allows us to reball BGA’s down to .4 mm pitch as well as mixed pitch/interstitial patterns. Conversion of lead free BGA’s back to leaded BGA are carried out routinely for our customers. This enables RoHS exempt manufacturers to continue a leaded process. We also service small quantities. If required a single BGA can be reballed quickly and cost effectively.

PCB and Circuit Repair

Techbit’s top of the line diagnostic, soldering and inspection systems allow for detailed PCB repairs even down to component level. Using the latest techniques damaged PCB tracks and trough–plated holes can be recreated by our specialised team making it possible to return to service even the most damaged of circuit boards. Using failure pattern analysis we are able to inform clients of possible failure trends and, if requested, replace, ”at risk components” as part of the standard repair procedure.

Main Board Repair

We offer the service of a wide variety of main boards including IT hardware, home eletronics, and industral devices. Techbit is able to repair main boards in such electronic devices as computers, laptops, servers, mobile phones, TV sets, consoles, tablets, navigations, medical devices, the controls, and industral electronics.